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Robey Sportswear

Robey was founded in 1947 by Pieter Bey. While his beloved Rotterdam rebuilt itself post-WWII, Bey started to develop his lifelong dream: his own performance brand. A mix of Rotterdam and Bey, a.k.a. Ro-Bey [ro-bei].

The company quickly grew into one of the Low Countries’ leading sports brands and experienced a golden age in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Not just amateur athletes started flocking to Robey in droves, but also a pros and pro teams found their way to Robey in large numbers. Even the Dutch National Football Team donned the iconic R at some point.

In the following decades, the brand would slowly fade to the background until it’s resurrection in 2012.


Robey is a group of “Rotterdammers” with a lifelong passion for sports and the ambition to conquer the world. Since 2012, we’ve been building The Netherlands’ fastest growing performance brand from a former shipyard by The Maas.

We combine an obsession with football, tennis, running and countless other sports, with a near-obsessive attention to details. Whether it’s the most prestigious Eredivisie shirt or the simplest pair of socks: only perfect is good enough for us. Because only the very best wins you trophies.


Whatever your sport, there is no greater feeling than taking the field with complete confidence. With the wind in your sails and luck at your side. Like you’re 1-0 up before the game has even started. Our goal is to elicit that feeling within every athlete. With a unique mix of design and performance. With sportswear that doesn’t just make you feel great, but look great too. With clever design, modern materials, and a golden four-leaf clover on every shoulder. Our mission is arming athletes with the confidence to give it their all.


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